Our Goals

YOFICC’s goal is to interact and train the different categories of youth in various institutions and communities in order to create a model for learning, researching, and sharing ideas. These ideas will then be linked with hands-on projects that others will fight climate change and well as empower the youth economically and socially. YOFICC will work to have at least one meaningful project in every region of Uganda by 2020.

The organization will seek to improve Climate change, Agriculture, Clean Water, youth skills, Reproductive Health, and Early Childhood Development in Communities.

To meet these goals, the organization will carry out the following activities:

  1. Train the youth in income-generating activities that are geared to the reduction of climate change and its effects.
  2. Mobilize vulnerable categories of the youth to gain skills for self-sustainability.
  3. Avail data on the weather forecast and climatic patterns for grassroots youth farmers to make informed agricultural decisions.
  4. Reduce carbon footprint by engaging in community afforestation and encouraging local farmers to grow multifunctional trees.
  5. Support smallholder irrigation through finance and technical assistance to significantly improve productivity and incomes
  6. Enlighten the youth on energy efficiency and the usage of renewable energy such as biogas and biomass.
  7. Educate the Youth on recycling different materials that degrade the environment especially polythene, plastics, and textiles.
  8. Train and sensitize the youth on water purification, rainwater collection systems, borehole rehabilitation to low-income households and institutions.
  9. Sensitize the child, young mothers, and youth on maternal, child healthcare, family planning, sexually transmitted infections among other things.
  10. Train school children and young women to produce reusable feminine hygiene products.
  11. Create awareness on Early Childhood Development through educating young parents on the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of a child.
  12. Encourage the youth to indulge in good dietary habits and physical exercises.
  13. Run sensitization campaigns to create unity among divergent cultural groups
  14. Tackle the challenges of youth unemployment by establishing skill-based workshops.
  15. Any other activity that will reflect the objectives of YOFICC may be deemed fit.

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