YOFICC (Youth Fighting Climate Change)
facilitates rural farmers to increase their productivity. We enabled farmers to access quality seeds and linked them to better markets as well as training of rural farming communities in modern agronomic practices.

YOFICC provides support to enhance their agribusiness investment activities. The support is intended to increase their productivity and market access by the provision of quality seeds, assurance of market linkages, and better prices. ;

The gender-sensitive approach for women and male employment in agribusiness; is to ensure women and men benefit equally. This implies that each stage of the project cycle gender-sensitive youth and women inclusion is taking into account.

The gender strategy for women and male employment program focuses on enhancing sustainable creation of youth employment in the agribusiness sector and invests in practical training of the target groups through public-private sector partnership

A gender perspective to youth inclusion is critical because female youth, in comparison to their male counterparts, face additional constraints in seeking employment in the agribusiness sector.

Overtime, the enrollment of girls in agricultural sciences has risen; however, many tend to drop out upon entering the workforce due to discouraging workplace dynamics and only a few make meaningful contributions to society.

Termed the “leaky pipeline”, this phenomenon is generally attributed to traditional, male-dominated organizational dynamics, in addition to cultural barriers to women’s education and advancement.

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